Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It has been an eventful week for giving thanks and for FAMILY.

First of all DON'T YOU LOVE MY NEW FACE LIFT ON MY BLOG! Thanks to Kimberly I have music and a much better picture which includes Wendall who is always behind the scenes and encouraging me to learn new things. We had the blessing of being with family. It isn't so much the eating on Thanksgiving but being together 'but' I DO LOVE TO EAT ESPECIALLY WHEN SOMEONE ELSE COOKS. I am so grateful for daughters and granddaughters who are wonderful cooks and prepared special dishes for our enjoyment. I also have a son (Gary) who you might not remember because he is the Uncle George in our family which means the we rarely see him but we don't forget him, and grandsons who are really great at experimenting with something different like for instant, SMOKING THE TURKEY IN THE GREEN EGG, WOW. That is Joe and his making use of his " Price's Right" (is that the way you spell it because I never watch the show so I don't really know) - the Grill, Green Egg, BBQ, Etc. Robyn had a houseful of Thanksgiving which included Parker getting sick and throwing up. It seems that they are carrying on the TRADITION including children being their natural wonderful selves and giving thanks.


Like everything else it comes to an end and everyone flew away. We have the pictures and the memories and now we communicate with the BLOG. I really give THANKS FOR:

1. The Priesthood and having it in my home.

.I stepped away from my computer for awhile and GUESS WHAT ----- it made forget where my blog was and it was kind of like I was having a BIG BRAIN CRAMP so my next step was to try and get my thinking processes together again - TAA DAAA WENDALL TO THE RESCUE and so now it is almost 2 pm in the afternoon and after I made my telephone calls - did another batch of washing - folded my drying - came back in here and sat down to my computer continued to blog and recounting what I am grateful for. I just want you to know that I know that you know that I am really getting to be scatter brained but I do know where my blessings are coming from.

As another comment - Marilyn Grimm passed away last night - another death in our Ward Family. I know that you remember her. She also worked with us when we were with the Escalante Branch.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I posted a blog yesterday but remember I am really having a problem. The blog that I wrote is floating out there SOMEWHERE and it was a real masterpiece ooh wellll.

This will be really short because I am not sure of what I am doing. Patti is doing really well today except her leg and ankle ITCH! Let this be a warning don't do something that you have to have a cast on because it can be miserable.

Thursday, November 15, 2007