Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today is the Sabbath (Sunday) and we have the early church so when we got home, I made a simple lunch and decided to tell you about my day. Our bishop is so inspired we had our joint meeting and it was on preparedness as well as managing our finances like deciding WHAT IS A WANT AND WHAT IS A NEED. I don't know how many times I have heard this or read it or something like that but now all of my wants are turning into needs and now if not sooner. I know that I don't want plastic surgery or the new laser treatment. A really cute girl (45) in our ward who teaches our gospel doctrine class decided she was getting far too many wrinkles so she had laser treatment on her face. She looked like she had a terrible sunburn on her face and it was smeared with a heavy greasy stuff and she had her hair pulled back and tied up and she said she felt that she couldn't handle her wrinkles anymore.....well I guess this is better than cutting into her and pulling all of her skin up tight and then taking time to heal. I know that she wouldn't be able to laught or cry or anything or her face would crack. I definitely would be in trouble.

I guess I am past the vanity stage and what you see is what you get and I am just darn glad to be healthy. I guess this really bothered me with her having this done because she is such a pretty girl. Oh wellll. I may have to eat my words sometime because stuff does come back to haunt us. Love you all and I do think all of you are beautiful.

I am looking forward to your next blog.

As far as storage is concerned I have shelves full of stuff and that is a good place for grandkids to come and pick out whatever they want as far as canned goods are concerned. Remember in the 70's the push in our ward was to buy up bulk - dry milk, wheat, rice, sugar, and big cans of honey - oh my gosh these big cans were so heavy that we could not even lift them. As far as the milk we did have to throw it away. The wheat will feed quite a few people and it is packed in sealed cans. There is a caution about this though, it will make you really sick if you think you can live on this alone without preparing your body to take this in. Now there is more sense in the storage and store what you will use and eat. We do want to be obedient to the prophet and this is what counts. Get your cases of diet pepsi or coke and plenty of snack food such as snicker bars, hershey bars, cookies (soft kind) and lots of handy wipes, paper towels, and lots of soap and a big bucket to do everything with. We keep waiting for something to happen. This is a scary thought.

Got to wake Wendall up so he can get ready for his Priesthood meeting that is at 5 pm.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's Really Spring

It's going to actually be warm today. It's Thursday and I can't remember what I did yesterday. I guess I am trying not to store things in my memory that will just be trivia. I know that Dick Cheney is coming to Utah today. I hope Michael get's to hear him or even see him. See how in awe I am over famous people or (infamous). Regardless of what our politics are our troops really need the suppport from the American People. We have another group from Utah going for a 2nd time to serve. These servicemen or women need our full support. Now I am off my soapbox.

Uncle Steve is leaving Gilbert Arizona for the last time and coming home. He sold his Condo and made a huge profit. MY HOW I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HIM BECAUSE HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF HIS MONEY!!!! He calls me everyday and I love him he is my brother but, gosh what a burden. I could tell him what to do with it but my ideas are too dumb.

I am grateful for my family and this last comment makes me even more grateful. Susie, I would just love to update and remodel with granite counter tops in my kitchen and new everything but I would rather play than settle down and really get things done. I am like Diane or rather she is like me and can't cut labels off of things and make huge decisions without second guessing myself but I love all of the things that she has done to her BEAUTIFUL HOME so far, Having lived this long I probably won't change but I have a family that is doing these things and I really love it. Wendall cut all of the labels off my new bedspread and pillows and I was going to take is back because it is too big but oh well maybe I can give it to someone and get a new one. I'll think on this for awhile. It's a King Size and our bed is only a Queen. I guess when I bought it I really wanted it to fit. Any suggestions?

I may even hang all of my pictures back up. It's only been a year since we painted. Love ya

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally a Clear Day

It is a wonderful day because the sun is FINALLY SHINING and there is a promise of some spring before the hot summer. Yesterday was a very full day. I can't believe some of the things that I get myself into.

I keep forgetting that I can't keep up with the younger set and I have got to remember my place in life. Monday is the day that I go to the Lost and Found (record's dept. for the church). Some of the sad things that I run into makes me so grateful for my family. We really need to count our blessings for what we have. It was my day for Scripture, Song, and Prayer which is a wonderful opportunity but STRESSFUL. It is amazing how the Church goes about searching for the lost ones. I have always liked Erma Bombeck and so I used one of her posts (she has been dead for a few years). The title is "SQUEEZE EVERY MINUTE OUT OF LIFE" it is really a good way to live your life rather than to live with regrets or live in the past or wait for the tomorrows.

I have got to get me a small camera and take with me because I just love all of the pictures that all of you post. I can't believe how grown up Taylor is and Luke just is so typical of a boy (personality Plus). Blake and Parker are getting to be their own individual people with minds of their own.

One of Erma's quotes is "I would have eaten less cottage cheese and more ice cream".

Another one is "There would have been more I love you...more I'm sorrys...more I'm listenings...but mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute of it...look at it and really see it...try it it...exhaust it.... and never give that minute back until there was nothing left of it...

Keep on blogging because this is such a fun way to keep in touch and soon, with Robyn's help I will post some current pictures - I hope.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Well I shot out of bed at 7:00 am this morning and hurried to the fitness center to work out AND I MEAN WORK. My trainer gave me a schedule to follow so I saw Penni there already doing the ep???????? treadmill. I went to the bike and started very slow and I mean slow. It kept telling me to start and I was doing as fast as I could. I was scheduled to do 30 min. It seemed like time was just crawling. Penni came and got on the bike and she was to do 30 min also. She had already worked 30 min. on the other monster. There she is about 15 min after me and when I had 28 min on the machine she had already gone 29 and I said to her how in the heck can you be ahead of me, well the answer to that was I was too slow for it to register. I had actually been going for about 50 min so go figure that. On my rubber legs we went down the stairs to the other INTIMIDATING MONSTERS to do our lifting weights just getting on them and winding my arms around the thingamajigs was really quite an effort with Penni trying to wind my arms and me not being able to quite understand the procedure but I did it DOUBLE WOW!!!!!!

I think life is really getting complicated for me so I decided to go to Kohls to see what they had on sale (this was after getting my hair done) as you see I'll do anything to to stay away from housework.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'll see if I can do something useful. I really look forward to all of the blogs and comments. All of you really encourage me. Do you think I am having a mid life crisis at my age?

I am so glad that weather is better and we don't have to freeze anymore. I am still trying to get up enough nerve to try pictures but I want some new ones. I sure do think we have cute kids. Parker is really so wide eyed he reminds me of Robyn when she was that age. Each one of them have their own personality and my posterity is growing.

Life is good.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

another day of computer

I read the comments and it made me feel like I really accomplished something. Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to beating Wendall to MY COMPUTER. I went out to the fitness center and have been doing all week (wow). The is now Thursday and I was weighed in and measured and my blubber was measured. Now I will be going 3 times a week and neet Penni and Patti there. To begin with I will learn how to start up the machine and then really accomplished this. I loved all the coments.
I want a POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA. This way I'll get pictures attached my blog. Penni and Pat wanted me to bring my camera and take a picture of me trying to lift the weights. I'M REALLY GOING TO BE HEALTHY IF THIS DOESN'T KILL ME FIRST.

I am reall going to be a new informed woman WOW!!!!!!!KEEP BLOGGING AWAY.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I figured out that I just couldn't recover old unpublished blogs so this is a short message just to see if I have figured it out YET AND IF I HAVEN'T I MAY DO SOMETHING DESTRUCTIVE. I have been up doing my service at the Records Department so I really hope that I will be able to accomplish this much.

MY PROBLEMS BEGAN WITH AOL KICKING ME OFF BEFORE I FINISHED SO IF THIS IS JUMBLED IT IS BECAUSE I AM HURRYING BEFORE I GO BRAIN DEAD. I love all of your blogs and you do it with such ease. It is 7:30 in the evening and I really want to be part of this so here goes.
Love ya all

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is my first day of blogging and I really wonder at the ease that Robyn, Michael, and Kimberly just sit down and add a page onto their blog. I received help from all of them on Easter Sunday and thought that I could do that, well I might as well have been on a different planet and so yesterday (being Monday) I sat down to do my blog. Welllllll everything was just as Greek to me as if I hadn't had any instructions. Monday was an awful day so I called up to the Records Department for the Church (I do 4 hrs of service on Monday afternoon) and told them that I wouldn't be in because I had things that I had to do at home. I felt that doing my blog was more important at the time. How bad is that?

I loved the encouragement sent to me from the ones that I love so here I am again Tuesday morning sitting here in my pajamas and hoping that this will be on my blog for the day.

I loved reading the coments and that gave me encouragement to continue.

By the way when I go shopping I want some shoes like Susies (if the heel isn't too high) because I have been known to fall off of my shoes. This is such a great way to read what everyone is doing.

I am going to go walking so I will continue later. (IF I CAN GET INTO THIS AGAIN)

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Friday, April 6, 2007

New Beginnings

Well, here's your first blog Grandma...

This is Robyn typing for Grandma. I was going to go over to her house today to help her set up a blog, but Parker's sick, so I decided to set it up for her here...she can change it later. I asked her what she wanted the title to be. I thought it should be something like "Grandma Great," but she thought it should be "IRRESPONSIBLE". I'm excited to read Grandma's blog...she's always full of funny stories and insights. You're the greatest, Grandma! Love you! Have fun!