Saturday, September 27, 2008


We had our West High School class reunion last week and what an interesting group we are. There are so many that have passed on and they had a large wall with all of the obituaries of those classmates that had died which was really interesting because it was a trip back in time. Our 1948 basketball team was honored because they had taken State Championship that year and many of the classmates had traveled from all over to be there. Ray Hale one of the Alumni and who is a great friend of Clark paid for the whole thing our catered dinner which was really first class and (I broke my diet) but oh well I really felt guilty but it was wonderful. Clark who was more interested in what went on than me was instigator of a book of remembrance of the team and gave each one of them a book. What a good sport addict Clark is because he knew more about each one of the players than I ever did and it was my graduating class. It was fun anyway. Clark made me stand up and recognized me which was kind of embarrassing but oh well. The event was really great and I am glad that I went. I don't know if we will be having any more these events. I can't believe how old we are and still around (amazing).

I started this post just after my reunion and then things went crazy around here and I just couldn't get around to posting, soooooo, I have been on this crazy diet for almost 3 weeks and BELIEVE IT OR NOT I HAVEN'T KILLED ANYONE YET. I have lost about 4 lbs. but I think I still have a GREAT BIG CRAVING FOR CHOCOLATE. I guess the events of everyday life is really stressful and I wish that I could be call, cool, and collected but I just can't so there. I still am working at the Records Dept. of the Church (the Lost and Found. I really love the people there. As for my diet is concerned I really do believe that I have fat bones and can't help it.

This is Saturday and it is Fall Conference and naturally it is raining. I certainly have enjoyed it so far. I have got to quit worrying about the economic situation because there is much greed and corruption but I will still get sucked into trying to win the $1 million dollar sweepstakes - like they told us in conference WE GOT TO HAVE HOPE AND FAITH AND CHARITY. Also we must have the faith that our new President will provide for all of us heck why can't they give all of us a little of the Pork out of the bailout of $700 Billion that has just passed.

On a lighter note, we know how we must live and things may get tough but we will all survive and eat out of our food storage that we have especially the TONS OF WHEAT WE HAVE STORED SO KIDS REMEMBER YOU CAN ALL COME AND PARTICIPATE EATING THE WHEAT THAT WE HAVE STORED AND THE SOLIDIFIED HONEY THAT HAS BEEN STORE IN SUCH LARGE CANS THAT WE BOUGHT 30 YRS AGO. Just look for exciting recipes for the wheat and other things that I need to take an inventory of. My Grandpa Stevens always said hitch up your (I don't know quite how to spell ) gallases and tighten your belt and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy conference and I will to. I sure do love my kids, all of you and GET OUT AND VOTE it does make a difference. I will post pictures when my computer doesn't throw me out of AOL