Friday, October 30, 2009


This morning - I think that it is Friday and another week has gone by. Sometimes when I sit down at my computer I really do get blogger's block. I decided that I had better add a picture to my "FACE BOOK" so I looked at pictures in my file and and I have a gazillion pictures. Well I looked for a picture to fill in the blank that was on my WALL and found one that I thought would probably do - well I followed the directions and when I added the picture it was a picture of my cute Johnny Linde my absolutely darling great grandson with a hat on in the same chair that I was sitting in when my picture was taken. After I got through laughing at myself I tried to delete the picture because those of you who really read my wall maybe you will understand what happened, It is like changing my name from LuJuana to LaJuana. As you can see, I really do need help in my computereze. You know this is really a BRAIN CHALLENGE FOR ME so when I leave my computer I have to search for something like chocolate (I do hope that I don't eat all of the Halloween candy before tomorrow).

Yesterday, I started a blog and I went absolutely BLANK so I titled the blog "It's Snowing" isn't that original and before I decided to blog I had so many things to share with all of you. This is like keeping a journal and also writing 'MY STORY' and I know you will realy understand (I hope).

It is so fun to keep in touch with everyone. Kimberly is having a birthday tomorrow and how special all of you are to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL GRANDDAUGHTER KIMBERLY DOWDELL. She was a special Halloween gift to us and that is like just yesterday. Time does move on. I do hope you are all taking your ProArgi9 because it is really a wonderful product and if I could, I would give you all a supply but that is just not possible but if you don't have your health your wealth won't be worth anything and I do want you healthy. Little by little we are seeing great things happen to us. Love to all of you from Grandma Great!!