Friday, October 30, 2009


This morning - I think that it is Friday and another week has gone by. Sometimes when I sit down at my computer I really do get blogger's block. I decided that I had better add a picture to my "FACE BOOK" so I looked at pictures in my file and and I have a gazillion pictures. Well I looked for a picture to fill in the blank that was on my WALL and found one that I thought would probably do - well I followed the directions and when I added the picture it was a picture of my cute Johnny Linde my absolutely darling great grandson with a hat on in the same chair that I was sitting in when my picture was taken. After I got through laughing at myself I tried to delete the picture because those of you who really read my wall maybe you will understand what happened, It is like changing my name from LuJuana to LaJuana. As you can see, I really do need help in my computereze. You know this is really a BRAIN CHALLENGE FOR ME so when I leave my computer I have to search for something like chocolate (I do hope that I don't eat all of the Halloween candy before tomorrow).

Yesterday, I started a blog and I went absolutely BLANK so I titled the blog "It's Snowing" isn't that original and before I decided to blog I had so many things to share with all of you. This is like keeping a journal and also writing 'MY STORY' and I know you will realy understand (I hope).

It is so fun to keep in touch with everyone. Kimberly is having a birthday tomorrow and how special all of you are to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL GRANDDAUGHTER KIMBERLY DOWDELL. She was a special Halloween gift to us and that is like just yesterday. Time does move on. I do hope you are all taking your ProArgi9 because it is really a wonderful product and if I could, I would give you all a supply but that is just not possible but if you don't have your health your wealth won't be worth anything and I do want you healthy. Little by little we are seeing great things happen to us. Love to all of you from Grandma Great!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

IT'S MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow what a summer this has been!! We have had so much going on that I don't want to forget all of the wonderful things that have taken place. I am really grateful for my family and their accomplishments. I do believe in miracles whether large or small and I certainly don't want to discount any of them. I am really clumsy and I really think that I have a REALLY HARD HEAD and falling has made me just a little crazy or maybe it's the rest of the world and not me.

Uncle Clark has had two hip replacements in the last 3 mos and the last one he developed a staph infection that we were told was a very aggresive one but (MIRACLE ) this can be cured by intravanious antibiotics for six weeks twice or three times a day. Cheri (Steve's daughter) fell in her bedroom while she was staying in Mesquite and had to be lifeflighted home but she is doing better than she has for years (MIRACLE).

When I fell the last time on my face I was afraid I had dislodged my left eye implant but (MIRACLE) my eye is fine and I didn't break anything (except my pride). Steven Godfrey finally after almost two years was able to bring Jane , Steve's new wife, home to their new home and she can stay and we as a family are so grateful (MIRACLE).
I do believe that it's the small things that we take forgranted so often that are what I want to be taking notice of.

Pat and Bill have had a lot changes made in their life - Bill has been put into the Bishopbric as 2nd councilor. Now I have 3 son-in-laws doing great service and if I can say I so very proud of them. (MIRACLE)

I am a very grateful mom, grandmom, and great grandmom. My mature years give me license to brag about everyone's accomplishments and especially their great faith.

Last but not least by any means I gained a wonderful new grand daughter. Michael married Anne Cropper on August 8th 2009 and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple (MIRACLE). I just want to let all of my family know that they have a wonderful heritage and to never forget the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors is a MIRACLE Thanks for letting me brag just a little bit. Love all of you so very much!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


How great it is to read the blogs from family. I am finding out that you have to join in the fun and post a blog or you miss out on all of the fun. Conference was great and I love to "hunker" down and just listen and watch and absorb. It was so fun to see all of Diane and Bob's family all crowded into Robyn and Joe's home. It was a large SLUMBER PARTY and constant eating. I am just overwhelmed at how great it was to see Kimberly and Devon and especially the kids. Robyn YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD SPORT! Talk to you later. I went to Pat and Bill' Church because they were the speakers and back to my own Ward so yesterday was a FULL DAY. After church we took some Easter treats to Lois and her family and Steve and Caralee for the rest of the visit. You know that getting older sometimes stands in the way of doing some fun things. I sure do love your A.I.S. NOW!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here I am blogging again because of reading all of the updates on all of your blogs. I just love the pictures and seeing (my posterity growing up and doing wonderful things). Please excuse the italics I am experimenting and couldn't get back to the regulartype. You know this has been an eventful year and I THINK THAT I AM BACK TO NORMAL because I am sitting here at my computer and I CAN THINK!!!!!!!!!! I also have a new keyboard and that is is hard for me to for me to get used to. I am trying to figure out how to get out of ITALICS. I was really happy to see Michael for a few moments and to see the beautiful ring he had purchased for Anne (with an "e") I think - You remember " Anne of Green Gables" a story that I just love and that is where I think Anne's name is spelled with an "e".

March is over - done - and it left like a Lion and so on to another day "Happy April Fools Day". There are birthdays this month just like last month. First of all there is Tina's on the 3rd then there is Diane J's birthday on the 8th. She was born on Easter Sunday and also General Conference. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY GIRLS.

In March we took Angie to stay for some tests for a whole day and we were really anxious about leaving her but around 5 pm we went to pick her up and took the short cut "I thought" and that was Redwood Rd. turned on center street to get to Dr. Wilson's wellll there was a 4 way stop and I just went sailing right through without even giving it a thought until I had done this and a North Salt Lake Police Officer came up behind me and I knew I was NABBED but I couldn't do anything about it until we pulled into Dr. Wilson's parking but as soon as we turned the corner the lights came on and I knew --Oh crap I am nabbed. This very HANDSOME YOUNG OFFICER GOT OUT OF HIS CAR AND CAME OVER TO MY WINDOW SO I TOLD WENDALL THIS WILL PROBABLY TAKE AWHILE SO GO GET ANGIE CAUSE I WAS CAUGHT. LUCKILY I HAD ALL OF MY PAPERS - EVEN MY INSURANCE CARD. THE VERY YOUNG HANDSOME POLICE OFFICER ASKED ME IF I KNEW WHAT I HAD DONE AND I TOLD HIM THAT I DID BUT IT WAS TOO LATE AFTER I REALIZED. HE GAVE ME A LECTURE ON WHAT COULD HAPPEN AND HE LOOKED AT ME AND SNIFFED TO SEE IF THERE WAS SOME ALCOHOL OR DRUGS --I ROLLED DOWN ALL OF THE WINDOWS AND OPENED THE TRUNK AND OF COURSE ALL I HAD WAS JUNK - REMIND ME TO CLEAN OUT MY TRUNK. THE OFFICER FINALLY LOOKED AT ME AND SAID "I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU A TICKET THIS TIME BUT JUST BE CAREFUL AND DON'T DO IT AGAIN. WOW, I DIDN'T GET A TICKET!!!!! I just couldn't believe how much he reminded me of Kelly and so darned young. Love you Kelly and Jimmy and Jaaromy and Chad and Justin and Michael and all of my grandson inlaws. I am also very proud of Jared and Jacob and their accomplishments. I am so very proud of all of you. Keep on keepin' on I feel that we as a family are really blessed. Love ya all!