Saturday, May 31, 2008


Grandpa Wendall had his great big birthday and turned "80" so we did what all MORE MATURE PEOPLE DO - we went shopping for garden stuff and had lunch at the exclusive CHUCK-A-RAMA WHERE ALL OF THE MORE MATURE AND FUN PEOPLE GO (of course).

What is really exciting is getting from one place to another without someone getting angry at me and wanting me out of the way as we are driving along BUT I DIDN'T GET SHOT OR RUN OFF THE ROAD (WOW).

We took so many detours around the orange barrels that we really didn't know where we were for a few minutes SOOOOOOO much for Bountiful. At the price of gas at the pump we really don't think driving is very much fun.

This last week has been a very busy week and when I try to think back to what we did I CAN'T REMEMBER! One great thing is getting DE JUNKED and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU GOES TO PATTI AND PENNI FOR THEIR EFFORTS IN HELPING US. Now the challenge is to get the stuff into the garbage can and not have us look and try to save the stuff.

We started with the garage and what a surprise all of the stuff we have saved and so bravely Patti and Penni hauled stuff out of the garage and put into three separate piles for Wendall to go through (this was done after dark with a flashlight and Brother Camomile came over and helped Wendall while I hid in the house) I couldn't believe all of the stuff that finally got thrown out. When the garbage truck came the next day and not really soon enough and picked up the THREE BIG CANS FILLED TO THE TOP AND OVERFLOWING IT WAS BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!! I can't believe all of the catalogs and magazines and paper that we had saved. I really hope we don't have a flood or earthquake after we get done with this.

I just hope that this is a BIRTHDAY THAT GRANDPA WENDALL WILL REMEMBER FOR A LONG TIME! This has been the best birthday present anyone could receive so A GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO PENNI AND PATTI AND A HAPPY 80th FOR GRANDPA WENDALL!

Love to you all