Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here it is February 15th and we don't even have all of our Christmas taken down and now the decision is whether to leave them up until next Christmas. Some of our neighbors are still turning on their Christmas lights outside because of the heavy snow that we have had and they are still pretty but on with the next Holiday. One of the delights of my life is seeing the pictures posted by everyone and reading the blogs. We have Avery born Feb. 1st and Landen born Feb. 8th. This is wonderful to have them added to our family. Katelyn was born last Sept. 19, 2007 and she is really an adorable little girl. It is really great to have these great grandhildren. I do believe that the Lord is letting these little ones come to our family. We really are blessed.

Tomorrow is my 78th birthday and that makes me an old person. I can't remember when I passed up middle age and went right into old but here I am. I just got through talking to Steve and of course he told me that I was an old person and I would always be older than him GRRRRRRRR! Well I got that out of my system. I am at the age where my kids are paying my social security and the government wants us to stop trying to live to be a hundred and being a drain on medicare. This is the inevitable but not really a thing to look forward to because of the things that fall apart on us. I am rambling because that is what we old people do. I am looking forward to seeing Aimee and the new little boy (Landen). Well onward and upward to spring and having the birds chirping again. Love all of you and talk to you later.