Monday, July 30, 2007

Crazy Crazy Monday Now Wednesday!!

I started this blog early this afternoon EARLY, welllll I just seem to have a problem. I have pictures in my computer and I have pictures in my camera so WE downloaded the camera and I guess they are part of the gazillionnn pictures in my file. I finally found a picture or two to put into my blog and I was so pleased I got the pictures and entered one into the new blog and it was a picture of LUCY AND BILL Z, and this picture was in my blog. I think that Lucy is haunting me because the blog could be deleted but the Picture kept coming up. Just go and figure that out. I am going to try again so hold on.............<

We went to a graveside service for our friend Bill Hunt who died of lung cancer. He was a great friend and a very talented one. I guess I have a lot to learn about PICTURES. I wanted to take some pictures of the gravesite where Bill is and some of our friends -- well can you believe that my camera was dead I had run the battery down to nothing on Saturday. I guess trial and error. It would probably help if I read the instructions but that is Wendall's job and then give me the reader's digest version.

"HERE IS A SHOUT OUT FOR ROBYN TODAY IT's HER BIRTHDAY" I really loved all of the pictures in each of your blogs. It has been so humid today. How do you stand the real humidity in Nashville? Bill's stepson had Bill cremated and that left me feeling like here he was one day and then gone and it's like there isn't a trace of him left. The Stepson cleaned out the house and moved all of the furniture down south to Emery County somewhere and the house is now vacant.

You have great family traditions and I think that is great. You don't let the miles separate you to the point that you don't do anything only wish you had. I am really proud of my family. I sure do love you and ------HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROBYN - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. That is my song to you.

Take care all of my loved ones - Love ya lots and lots!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's Tuesday afternoon and nobody BUT NOBODY can fritter a day away like can. My big accomplishment was picking up dog poop before it got too hot. Oh yes I looked at the weeds growing and just turned my back on them and came into the house. I can remember a time (I think) that I could at least get more done in a day. Maybe I need to concentrate more on getting some more stuff to throw out from downstairs (at least it's cool down there).

Don't you all feel sorry for me especially the ones that are living in a castle on a hill in Nashville where the weather sticks to you. I have decided that I need to hire a professional to come in and do for me what I don't seem to be able to do. Last week Shaela came over and she cleaned my kitchen and it was such a boost. I can think of so many ways that I want to escape the doing. I know that I was supposed to be a very rich, generous, very GRAND LADY and I think things got mixed up in the premortal life and here I am. I know that I have entered the sweepstakes and the promise is always just order and you can win ten million dollars so sucker me I order and this has brought more mail and more paper. When I have accumulated so much stuff that I don't want or need maybe I will get a little more sanity. I do think that Wendall threw away the humming birds that I collected. CRAZY - And downstairs in a dresser is a pair of pants that my dad had and he had hemmed them up himself and do you think I can throw them away? NO so here I am with things that I don't know how to part with stuff such as Mom's HOT fur coat that dad bought for her and it had been stolen. I must be a sentimental fool for these things. They never did make dad return the coat but it always bothered him. Maybe I need to start bringing the stuff upstairs and that would be part way out the door and into the car to go to the D.I.

Remember all of you have maybe inherited some of this insanity soooo beware.

I know that when you are doing something it is better than doing nothing. We have our Cultural Refinement excursion tonight and we are going to This is the Place Monument which is now called "Heritage Park". I am sure that this will be fun and I can escape having to make any WEIGHTY DECISIONS at least for today. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. We will have a train ride around the park and have the new sights pointed out to us.

Penni and Patti have decided that I need some color in my life and not be vanilla. I think that would be fun. How about a red couch like Diane. How about a Purple coat like Aunt Duella used to wear and a long blond wig. I would then have to get a face lift - HOWEVER I HATE PAIN!! Besides that I am terribly shy so the blond wig will have to go. Besides that it would be too hot and itchy. See I do need lots of help in making decisions. I can't even buy a new car because this 1993 Maxima has become part of the family and I can't part with it -CRAZY.

I hope that all of you pass through this phase of life a little more sane than me. Love you all I do love the bloggs.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Here it is Monday AGAIN, out State is on fire and the temperature is in the 100's and to think that I was wanting summer last January - amazing. The only thing I can say is you can never please me. I am really trying to not look at our dry lawn because it really annoys me. So what else is new.

I went to do my job at the LOST AND FOUND the records dept. for the church and everything did settle down and become somewhat sane, for me that is. The very first call I made was a man who said yes "that is me" but I just don't want to be bothered so just leave it alone and I was SO NICE AND I DIDN'T ASK FOR HIS SOCIAL SEC. NO. just his address and told him why ---sooo okay. On to the next case In the meantime my parking permit had expired TODAY so I had to get that renewed and I had to go with this very official person with a badge and could get in through all of the short cuts to the main building. I got my renewed parking and was on my own to get back to where I came from and down underneath in this gigantic building I don't know where I am going but I finally did find my way back and finished my day-- WHEW!! By the way I am grateful to have underneath parking so count my blessings. I really don't think I want to quit even though my 6 months are up because I really do believe that this is the only way for me to keep the blessings flowing and we do really need them now. Our world is really crazy. I don't like the news and the TV is just getting so terrible so what is a person to do except blog. I am excited when I read about my family and see all of the cute pictures that you post. One of these days I am going to post a picture on my blog and surprise you. I have a wonderful camera and it is just a point and shoot and they are on my computer but I will just surprise you one of these blogs.

Aimee, I just loved the pictures except I have to be smiling even though I am dressed up and reading a crystal ball. Stay well all of you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


This is actually the 5th of July, but I had to do my blog today. We had a wonderful day at Penni and Rick's. It was so relaxing for us but somehow I lost my bundle of keys and have looked for them and it keeps nagging at me. Last night we came home and had a very nervous dog and fireworks all around us. Somehow today didn't get any better. We have a garbage pickup this week and we had an extra day to clean some stuff out of the garage so I CANCELLED MY HAIR APPOINTMENT and in the meantime (is that spelled right)and cancelling my my appointment really made me cross (poor Wendall) well I will just have to do my own hair and that is the pits. I will look just like my picture on my blogs and that is depressing. The day progressed from there we decided to get into the garage and THROW AWAY OLD PERMA PACK FOOD STORAGE BUT NOT WITHOUT A BIG CONVERSATION ABOUT HOW WE CAN GIVE IT TO THE KIDS!! DON'T YOU LOVE THE WAY I PUT THIS. WATCH YOUR MAIL ALL OF YOU FOR OLD FOOD STORAGE. You know never throw anything away that can be salvaged or eaten even if it is 100 yrs old. Wendall decided that he would have some of the canned oatmeal (perma pack) it is supposed to last a life time and sooooooo - I don't know whose lifetime. I made him fix it and he made a big pan of it. I went outside to throw away some other things while he ate. Wendall came out and didn't say too much but put the boxes on his little trolley and hauled them out to the curb. I said to him I told you so - it was bad huh? enough said but he did want to save the dried fruit. The trucks were on our street so he hurried up and opened a can of the fruit. Welllll enough said it went to the pile too. Oh yes in all of this he tried to move some fishing poles away from the wall in the garage and got a small fish hook caught in his finger and it was really stuck. Well you know how I am about wounds of any kind I couldn't pull the hook out of his finger and Robert from next door stopped what he was doing and came over to help me and couldn't remove the DARNNNN thing but he did finish putting the boxes out for us. I take back all of the bad things I have said about him. In the meantime we had to change our clothes I was going to take Wendall to emergency and my pride was having a battle with going because of the way both of us looked so I asked him to call TOM DUKE (our friend) to bring his tools over and help get the fish hook out. Tom came right over and finally AFTER MUCH PAIN AND SUFFERING got the fish hook out. I was drained and so was Wendall. So goes our day. The bright side of this is we didn't have to go to EMERGENCY. My pride was saved somewhat and now what to do with MY HAIR I CAN'T LOOK LIKE MY PICTURE. YOU KNOW HOW YOU GIRLS AWAYS KEEP ON ME ABOUT AN OBITUARY PICTURE WELLLLLL OR THIS IS WHAT I CALL IT. I DO NEED TO UPDATE. IF YOU USE THIS ONE I WILL HAUNT YOU THE REST OF YOUR LIVES AND YOU KNOW I CAN DO IT. Actually I really feel great and will feel better when the garbage is gone and know it can't be salvaged and all of you can breath again. Remember I have to go down and do the food storage downstairs so don't get too comfortable. Oh yes, the garbage trucks stopped for the day just before they got to our pile. Love you all. The moral to this is DON'T SAVE ANYTHING THAT YOU DON'T USE OR NEED. Love you - Keep on blogging!!!!