Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am living in the past and these are some of the pictures we took while visiting for the last time in California, which I really love and hope someday will be able to do again. I keep sending this blog out in cyber space so I think that I will just go ahead and POST THIS. I so look forward to reading all of your blogs so it's like letter writing you have to write one to be able to receive one I mean the comments that come so you know that your letter is received. I don't even know what order these are in so I really do love you and look forward to the next blog. JUST THINK I POSTED TWO PICTURES.

well here is me and my three girls, Patti taking the pictures and Diane, Penni and of course ME. I always have a bad hair day but it was so much fun that I just had to pull up the pictures and remember. I think that I have better control of my weight and my hair now but I don't really know some days are better than others. This, of course, is the Newport Temple and what a wonderful time we had.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Robyn's Big Day!!!

Doesn't Robyn look like a tooth paste add? She has the GLEAM and everything while she is cutting the beautiful cake that she made in her lovely kitchen. We all ate cake and ice cream and there went my resolution not to eat both cake and ice cream. Parker is so darn cute and how could he not be cute because of such exceptionally beautiful parents. Joe may not like that description but they are cute.
I am still having such a terrible time attaching pictures to my blog. I know that my computer was mad at me for all of the fussing and right in the middle of transferring my photo's from the **!!!'' file it just decided to do its own thing and I couldn't find where they went soooooo. It is to teach me patience. Wendall found the picture and then added it to the blog but changed the size of the picture.
A new subject - last night was our Enrichment night and Scouting court of honor. Andrew Hope, a young man in our ward received his "Eagle Award" and his project was preparedness for any emergency that might come about and he was so darn cute and prepared that it made me happy for him and I know how hard that he worked on this project and such a good subject. His two older brother's received their Eagle Awards and this is such a wonderful accomplishment. And OF COURSE THE JAZZ WON OVER THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIERS. What great game and the amazing thing is that no one was killed or badly injured in this game. I just couldn't believe Wendall, he was up until after midnight just to here the score and who won because we don't have CABLE TV (whine) maybe this will convince him.
I guess Bob's in Japan now and Michael is coming back here tomorrow. What a traveling family. Diane, I should have started collecting spoons and
framing them and putting them on the right travel wall. The Johnson's are certainly well traveled (is that spelled right) oh welllllll.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This picture was taken Fast Sunday under my BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN CHAIN TREE that only blooms for a couple of days and then it blows away. It's yellow blooms that match my BEAUTIFUL, GOLDEN DANDI...... OH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN AND MY SPELLING HAS GONE TO HECK.

This is my first picture and maybe I will be able to conquer this problem that I have with forgetting what I have done and have to start at the very beginning. It is hard to think and compose my thoughts and have a DOG on my feet snoring and Wendall looking over my shoulder trying to help me but oh well I am such a scatter brain but age give me license REMEMBER.

I am going to now post another picture and see if it really works now that Wendall has gone outside.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kamille's Baptism

This is a MAJOR, MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT - - AND THIS NEEDS TO BE APPRECIATED BY ALL WHO MAY VIEW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that I really - REALLY did this without committing murder or throwing my computer out the window or as I have said many times run up and down my street screaming and terrorizing my neighbors. I now have my own CAMERA and when I can get to the computer I can even download pictures - but finding them is another long story.
In this picture from left to right - Halley holding Abbigail, Kamille Sue, Megan Glover (Becky's daughter) and last but not at all least Emilie little miss personality. These are little angels and I thought the picture of the Savior was really fitting. I am going to try to get more of the Baptism pictures on this blog. Here goes.......... I am going to post this right now because if I don't, cyber space will get this and I am scratching my last nerve. Love ya all

Monday, May 7, 2007


Hi, it's me and I have pictures floating around out there in cyber space. Right now if you would like to see them you will have to pull them from space. Saturday was a BIG DAY. Kamille Sue Skolmoski was baptized and what a beautiful event that day was. Tina and Paul's little girls are so darn cute. There is Halley (10) Kamille (8) Emily (5) I think, and Abigail (Abby) and I don't know just how old she is. The three girls and one of their friends sang. How cute they were. They sang "I'll Follow Him in Faith". It's really great because Becky and Paul came up with their 4 kids. I really feel blessed to have such wonderful grandkids and great grandkids. Tina is working in Young Women. Yesterday was Test and Fastimony meeting and it was a great day. Today being Monday I don't have to go to work because the Church is installing new carpeting and equipment. I just learned the old way oh well (THIS IS GOOD FOR THE OLD BRAIN). Just think some day you will be this age and you will feel like 50. Of course, I am still waiting for this. Penni and Patti are working the HECK OUT OF ME at the Fitness Center. Just think how good it will feel when it stops hurting. I took all of these pictures but darn. It is going to get all of the way up to 60 you know that is a regular heat wave. If this BLOG sounds mixed up, don't worry that is the way I think anymore.

I can't believe Michael driving all over Honduras. Did he forget that this is a 3rd world country. I will be very glad to get him back in the United States. However, you never know which is the safer. Love reading all of the blogs - keep posting!!!!!