Saturday, September 29, 2007


I know that I am late sharing this news with family but MY NEPHEW STEVEN GODFREY IS GETTING MARRIED - - - WOW AND DOUBLE WOW. He is marrying a girl from Canada and they met on the internet. I think Steve is happy about this but I am not sure about Elaine, she really has her hands full taking care of Kathi and preparing for an open house on the 8th of November. We are all hoping that Kathi will make it. Katy is going to Boston, Mass. on a mission and she leaves on Dec. 1st. Katy is Kathi's daughter so Elaine has been preparing her for this mission. I really have an appreciation for all that Elaine is doing and keeping Steve cheered up.

This is rather a sober blog but I just have my moments. Penni and Patti and I attended the Jordan River Temple last Wednesday (I think that was the day) or was it Thursday anyway that is an oasis from all of the trials that we are facing.

Today the news of the wildfires in Southern California are really frightening. We need to be prepared at all times.

Enough of the sad stuff I am really glad for my family and this is such a wonderful way to keep in touch. When I read your blogs I am always amazed at how you post such cute pictures and have such wonderful ways of expressing yourselves.

Today I am glued to the TV watching the news about the places that I love being burned but knowing how strong my family is they WILL BE OKAY. I will have a more cheerful blog when I get my colon????? test done tomorrow. I am such a boob. They had better give me a "I don't give a DA!!!! OR DARN PILL" quickly before I get in the room like Olsa does when I go to See Roger. They make me quite comfortable before Roger even looks in my mouth. You all remember Roger our Dentist. I don't like this time of life when stuff starts going breaking down. MY OH MY WHAT A BOOB I AM. I know my family is a lot more composed than I am. This is like walking the plank in a pirate show for me. Love you all.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello to all of my friends and family. WHEWWW, AOL kicked me off before I could finish my blog and wiped out what I was doing and I can't remember what that was but oh well and it was such a masterpiece of work.

Today is a new day and my days are always eventful and not ALWAYS FUN! Update on Wendall, I THINK THAT HE IS IMPROVING HIS BLOOD LEVEL HAS COME UP TO 30 points from 24. I am getting to the point that I want to take him and climb a high mountain. I need to be able to list all of my BLOGGER FAMILY AND FRIENDS AGAIN!! Someone show me how to do this or come and fix it for me like MICHAEL OR ROBYN. I really felt like I was cut off from the world. You need to help your poor OLD GRANDMA. Aimee, your blog is great and so colorful and I can't make a comment on it WHY OH WHY?

AIMEE I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GETTING YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED. Please comment on what I am doing wrong with my making comments.


Michael you make me cry and laugh all at the same time and now we are able to communicate.

The news is so depressing and the TV is so full of junk that my favorite thing to do is to watch "LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE" and I watch reruns over and over again. Or I love to watch ANNE OF GREEN GABLES" and this one I watch over and over again. I just think the way they dressed in that time and the way they lived was really simple but to me great. Have I gone nuts or something because I never watch reruns of any of the current shows. Oh yes I go to sleep watching "PERRY MASON" and I think it is because he is always great at defending and the best thing is they do it in about 45 minutes and justice ALWAYS PREVAILS.

Love ya lots and now you know that I need a lot of HELPPPPPP!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am glad to be able to update on my DRAMATIC LIFE. I have had a very eventful few days and now it is time to get back to what I really like to do and that is to keep in touch with my family.

Wendall has had such a hard time getting back his energy. We have our recreation all set out for us and that is either to the Dr. or to the Dentist. My fun is waiting for our appointments.

When I get my self back together I will take a picture of my "GLEAMING WHITE SPARKLE SMILE". While I was in the chair having all of the work done I asked Roger to give me a complete makeover - eyes - chins - wrinkles - all of the little dimples in the wrong places - Etc. but I don't want any PAIN. While I was under the influence of the Nitrous (and that is wonderful stuff) we talked about all of the fun things that could to be done to make me beautiful and of course Olsa and Roger completely agreed with me. When he was through with the work on me it was back to reality and absolutely the brutal truth with a FAT LIP AND LOPSIDED SMILE so much for me.

We are going to be working on getting Wendall's blood count up and seeing if we can see more ENERGY. You know, old age isn't for sissies.

Keep me updated on all of the fun things that you are doing because this is really my most joy and FUN!

We might make some suggestions to our various Doctors that they need to update their reading material. When I was waiting for Dr. Harmon the latest magazine was dated Mar. 2007, and that was the latest things going on in HOLLYWOOD "WOW". Just what I want to read.