Friday, January 25, 2008


It is so fun to get up in the morning and open up the blogs and to see what new has been happening with my family. You all have such a talent of expressing yourselves. I have news for my family and - that is you don't have to be pregnant to be temperamental. You know how I am and I get on a kick of being mean. My problem is PLASTIC BOTTLES. I find them everywhere and I take such pleasure in finding them and then smashing them. I guess growing up such things as stuff to store things in it was hard to find both in Wendall's family and my family so when we emptied a jar or plastic something we saved it and used it for storage. When we had a jelly jar (which was very seldom) we saved it to drink in. Those hard times one doesn't just get over just cause we get older. We are all people who somewhat copy the way we were raised (But not all of the time). Do you remember Patti taking my refrigerator pan that I used to bake a roast in because she thought that was the only way to do a roast. This was because I didn't have any other pan. We do things the way our parents did them sometimes. I remember when I really wanted store bought WHITE bread and not homemade because mom always made our bread and we seldom had store bought bread. Memories are a really wonderful thing and your children will grow up wanting to do the things that you did.

I do remember in my day dreams I was always going to wear a fresh dress and apron and HIGH HEAL SHOES because I really thought that was so beautiful. I was going to be fashionably dressed no matter what. That didn't last long. I really wanted to have long black hair and beautiful brown eyes because my friend Diana Cleveland had the long hair and brown eyes and I definitely wasn't going to have freckles. Well I had all of the opposite and FRECKLES as big as Ginger Snaps - that is what my Grandpa Stevens (Pop as we called him) said my freckles were like. I remember sending away for freckle remover and when it came it almost removed my skin but not the freckles. I see some of the same things in my great grandchildren and I just love the way you are with them. You never can love them too much.

I hope you get a kick out of reading my memories because it is fun to share.

With my new great grandchildren coming I love everyone of them and they will all have their own special personality. Keep posting the pictures because I look forward to all of them. Keep the blogs coming because it is just like we are talking to each other. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thanks to all of you and your encouragement to BLOG. When I read your blogs I feel like the richest person in the world. I really loved the tribute to marriage on Kimberly's blog and how she feels about Devon after 15 yrs of dating and marriage. My how the time has flown by and the babies that have been born and the wonderful homes that they have come to. Your blogs are like reading the Ensign and the advice that comes to all of us in these articles by the GA's.

I just really need the lift that you give me on these cold, dreary, etc. days. Well yesterday I had a hair cut and color put on my hair but I turned my phone off just after calling Patti and when she tried to return my call my phone was off so she called Penni and also Wendall. I was gone for 4 hrs. because of stubborn hair wellllllll needless to say I was just fine but it created a little heartburn in the girls and Wendall. I KNEW WHERE I WAS SO WHAT'S TO WORRY.

Every day is an adventure for me but this is the time to be grateful for everything even the TRIALS so thank you for the great blogs. Michael, I really need to know how you are I know that you are working and doing homework for school and all but please let me know if you need anything. Our meeting time changed after the 1st of the year and we are now on the 11 to 2 schedule. We do keep busy doing stuff . Wendall is teaching the 4th Sunday in Priesthood and this is great because he has such a wealth of knowledge and this experience is a challenge but GREAT.

I wish there was some way that I could help Uncle Steve through this tragic year with a knowledge that there is something better for him than just the now. He calls me everyday and he shares his feelings and he has been dreaming about Kathi and it puzzles him. One day I do believe that he will realize and grab hold of what life is about but he is so stubborn. I don't want him to lose everything that is truly valuable. Enough of this.

I am happy that Tina is home and recovering. Love to you all. Happy blogging!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


We really had a wonderful Christmas and now onward and upward for 2008. It is really funny because we have had so many parties for me who is really a recluse as soon as the sun goes down so PARTY, PARTY, PARTY.

Well, I started this blog just after Christmas and now Monday, 7th of Jan. 2008 I decided to start again. How is that for being very slow. I love reading all of your blogs but for some reason I can't comment on any of your blogs except Diane's sooo HELP! What am I doing wrong because I just need to comment. I love the comments that I get but WHY OH WHY AM I HAVING SUCH A TIME?

I want you all to know that this is back to sanity. What a month Dec. 2007 was. I am really tired of the political scene so I am going to work at the polls on Feb. 5th I really do this because I enjoy people (Wendall thinks that I am really crazy and maybe I am) but this is a part of getting involved. Today I went back to the "Lost and Found" dept. for the Church and had wonderful success so I renewed my parking for another 6 months.

Robyn you have such a cute way with Parker and he is so darn smart. I know another baby will make a big difference for the better. I remember going to a drive-in movie with Gary thinking that he would be good and go to sleep - wellllll he started to scream and he never did shut up until we left the movie without seeing it to the end - this was before Penni and Patti so I guess he must have been about 8 months or 9 months old because I was pregnant wow what an experience but when they were born he (Gary) had to grow up and he was such a cute little boy and very helpful because I really needed him to be.

I feel really frustrated not being able to comment on your blogs so if you can help me and I know you can PLEASE FIX IT SO I CAN LEAVE COMMENTS it's kind of like having my arms tied and my mouth taped shut. I love all of you and HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY BLOGGING NEW YEAR.