Friday, March 28, 2008


I Do know when this picture was taken and that was in Kennewick, Washington. We visited Aimee in February and it was during my birthday week and Landen was just a week old. Isn't he just the most beautiful, most handsome baby and with so much hair just like Aimee had when she was born.

This is Hailey holding Abby when Kami was baptized - let me know if I have my facts right because sometimes I don't get all of my dates and times right but oh well that is up to you to help me and I am learning What to do and when they took place. For posterity this is the Skolmoski girls. Aren't they absolutely the cutest.

This is my big experiment with downloading pictures into MY BLOG!! This is Michael when he visited us quite sometime ago - I think last fall and I wanted to put it into my blog and when I took the picture.

I will try to be more organized on my next blog because I want to take a picture of Pepper watching a dog show and being very intent in what she is doing. We are dog sitting for a couple of days while Penni and her family are at East Canyon and last night I had a meeting with the R.S. and Wendall had a class so the dogs were left home to watch TV - well when I got home their was a dog special show on KBYU and all of these dogs were parading and showing off and the thing that really made me laugh was Pepper sitting in front of the TV and very intent on watching the show with her head moving from side to side - I know this sounds crazy but this is actually what happened and if we can catch her watching a show again I WILL TAKE A PICTURE BECAUSE SHE WAS SO DARN CUTE!!! I feel like Dr. (Doolittle), I'm not sure that is how you spell his name but you know who I am talking about. I know you think that I have gone to the dogs and that isn't so bad.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!

I really think that our street is over the hill. We have had the ambulance and paramedics twice over at the Fisher's and Cal is still in the hospital. Barbara Fisher called this morning and said guess what I am in the hospital and they brought all of my stuff with me and she meant all of her papers and stuffed animals. The bottom line is she is still home but doesn't know it. I think I need to read all of your blogs and get back into the real world. Our neighbor Clem Jay who lives down the street died Sunday. There are so many weird things going on that when I read the up- beat blogs such as Kimberly's latest about how her kids are so cute with one another and how much she loves being their mother it fills me with such joy. In this world of terrible things happening I know that my grandchildren are doing what they need to and the importance of the home.

I also read Tina's blog and saw the pictures of each one of the girls and how much she loves her little family. These wonderful moments make me so happy and grateful for my blessings of family.

Oh yes, when I really need a diversion I turn on the political STUFF on Fox news and that is really uplifting. Maybe Hillary needs the extra support of our Service Men who are REALLY DODGING SNIPER FIRE to make her feel better about herself. You know the news is really quite entertaining and if we aren't all crazy by November it won't be the fault of this crazy election season of 2008.

My plea to each one of you is to help me keep SANE whatever that is by blogging.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here I am trying to remember what I did this last week and it seems like a blur between last Sunday and this Sunday. Our life is full of so much fun such as waiting in Drs offices for appointments and oh yes Angie had her teeth cleaned and I told Patti this and she just rolled her eyes (I know I was on the phone) but I could hear her roll her eyes and said for HEAVENS SAKES MOM SHES ONLY A DOG. You know I guess we are crazy because she had to be given and IV and then put to sleep so they could open her mouth, she must be related to me because I do need pampering too.

I am gradually breaking in my NEW CLOTHES it seems to be such a shock to me. I am really a strange (I guess) person. I love the pictures that are posted by all of you and so Wendall took me to Barnes and Noble and bought me a BIG FAT BOOK on how to use my computer because I seem to be to stubborn for him to teach me. This BIG FAT BOOK starts out - Plug in Computer. Turn on computer. You know, all of the basics that every little child knows and then I wanted to know how to enter pictures into my blog and that chapter was about chapter 9 and I was in a hurry oh welllllll my attention span is really short.

I seem to want to hurry through to the stuff that I am supposed to learn first before I can do the stuff that I am really interested in. When Wendall found the computer book and there were two and one was smaller than the other one and HE PICKED THE BIGGER ONE FOR ME. I don't know but maybe he will test me on it chapter by chapter and make me redo if I fail.

My question is -- is my brain shrinking?? I am maybe just scattered. I am going to resolve to CONCENTRATE ON WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING AND then go on to something else.

I really love my new computer even though I know that I must be patient.

Uncle Steve called me yesterday and told me that Dana, Kathi's daughter, received a full scholarship to the U of U and that is certainly wonderful. Dana is a 4.0 student and she will be given $2,500 for living also. I am so happy to see great things happen to this family.

I really am rambling so I will go on to studying my BIG FAT BOOK.
Keep posting the pictures because this makes me feel like we are really connected.

I really love my family.
Grandma H

Sunday, March 9, 2008


It has been a GREAT DAY now that it is evening. I bought all of these clothes in Washington and there seems to be a mental quirk that I have because I started getting ready for church early enough - we have the 11 to 2 meetings and it seemed that I wanted to wear something new - wellll that was when my dilemma I ended up emptying all of my clothes out of the closet and putting them on the bed and by that time it was late and we needed to get out of the door to go to church. The bottom line is I put on my same OLD UNIFORM AND we left and of course parking is a major problem so we just made it just in time. It was really great because we got there late enough that they couldn't call on me or Wendall for prayer. When we got home THE DARN CLOTHES WERE STILL THERE IN A HEAP ON THE BED and by this time I decided that I really needed to get a grip the night before and leave all of this kind of frustration behind. I guess if I just get ready for the day and then get over myself would be the best thing for me to do because after all age gives me LICENSE to put bright red lipstick on and very blue eyeshadow (or whatever color) and just GO and smile (with smeared lipstick in the fine lines around my mouth and on my teeth) and act my age. I really do think that maybe I need a SHRINK to help me through the shock of my birthday. Oh well ALL IS WELL and I did get my clothes hung up and by that time I was really exhausted whewwwwwww !!!!!!!! So goes the day in the life of MEEE.

I loved the new blogs and today, MONDAY, is Bob's birthday and a GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO HIM FROM US! Love ya all! Keep on blogging and sharing all of the fun experiences with the kids.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am really happy to begin planning a garden and getting the yard cleaned up. I can dream can't I. Today is NEW BEGINNINGS FOR THE "HANDS" WE STARTED BACK WALKING WITH OUR GOLDY OLDIES. It is time to begin to lengthen our shuffle. For you that are interested, this Saturday the 8th of March is our Zion's Market. If you are interested in picking up some good bargains the price is very reasonable $0.00. This is the time of year that people start to clear out furniture, clothing, toys, gardening equipment etc. and other years they have had some really great stuff. If you are interested it starts at 10 am and closes at 3 pm.

I am using my NEW COMPUTER and it is taking some getting used if things seem to be spelled wrong or I lose my train of thought just know that I am really struggling with learning a new thing. I am not used to such a modern toy that does things without my doing so I bounce back a forth without knowing what happened. Thanks for all of your blogs WITH PICTURES. One thing at a time but I did take some cute pictures of "Landen Kyle Linde" with the rest of the Linde children and all of us. The trip to Washington State was really fun and playing games with everyone was really special in our little room at the motel where we stayed. We went shopping for new clothes for ME and now I have to take the labels off and start wearing them. I get used to wearing one thing and that seems to be the way I am. It is fun though to look forward to something new for Spring to wear. I think maybe I should start working on getting Wendall to junk his old clothes Pre-Mission suits but he is very unselfish this way and just wants the best for me. Talk about guilt, I really had a wonderful birthday thanks to my family.