Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful peaceful day in the neighborhood and the parade was great. I am just amazed at the things that my kids can do. Patti and Bill traveled to Las Vegas (I guess because it isn't hot enough here) but before they left after painting my bathroom, taking me shopping for things to make our bathrooms more people friendly, cleaned and polished, then went to Penni's to finish the new Gazebo. I can't believe how hard they worked and all I could do was just watch it happen.

Wendall's bathroom wasn't painted yet and I just figured the blue tape around the mirror and on the floor was a promise that it would be done sometime - well the girls painted and put everything back and then put the new shower curtain up and all of this before they went to finish penni's Gazebo which is really a beautiful addition.

Wendall loves the color of burgundy so this was the color he was going to have to add to his bathroom. The girls just wouldn't settle for anything except what he had asked for in color. All of this is making decisions and I am a mess of indecision and it gives me a headache even to think about. The bottom line is Wendall is just absolutely thrilled with the color the only problem he is going to have to drag an old towel out to use because the towels hanging are for looks . It is fun to hear him comment on this. The girls piled stuff in my basket while we are shopping and I am just following them. What an experience that was. Well as I told you Pat and Bill went to Las Vegas and Penni invited us over to break in her new addition (Gazebo). If I do sometime get pictures I will post them because the color is beautiful especially in the hall bathroom. Just one more thing to add is that we just can't get the shower curtain (the outer one) wet because it says dry clean only isn't that a hoot. This was a burst to help the economy so this makes me very happy. All of this in the day and life of MEEEEEEE!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today being Saturday I decided to go back and have a trim and blow dry from Donna my original hair person. I really needed something to pick me up and well she did my hair and it's the same mould and I am not going to show my two very up to date girls until I have broken the mould by Monday. I am what I am and so there! I have so enjoyed reading all of your blogs and comments and everyone is so clever. I am loving the enthusiasm for life that this gives me because of the way you take everything that happens in stride.

This is the week of plumber. I HAVE A NEW TOILET! NEW PAINT! NEW VANITY AND CHEST THAT I CAN REALLY STORE THINGS IN ! The only problem is...... Wendall tried to fix a leak under the sink and so now I can't even use the sink. We may have to demolish the house in order to get things back in order. Gary came and fixed the sink but he didn't tighten the drain REALLY TIGHT but left it SO HE COULD COME BACK AND PUT THE OTHER SHELF IN FOR ME and THE DA***## THING DIDN'T LEAK UNTIL HE LEFT (wouldn't you know). SOOOOOOOOOOO Wendall with his wrenches decided he could tighten the drain - WRONG! WRONG! WRONG !! IT is now 7pm and he hasn't got it working but the DA**### thing is sure pretty even if I can't use it. Back to why I decided I needed to get my hair done HO HUMMM! At least my toilet works and my tub is still functional ALL IS WELL - ALL IS WELLLLL!!!!! Love you all !