Monday, August 20, 2007


Hi everyone, I am still here and hopefully a little bit sane. This has been a day of very much STRESS AND CONFUSION all due to my blogging experience or should I say blogging inexperience. I hope that things will be restored on my blogger or ----I don't know what I will do. I love your comments and look forward to them and when I can again read them I will feel a lot better. Thanks to Kimberly I think maybe I have restored some of the stuff. Another thing I don't know how they got so messed up except for THAT PERSON CALLED NOBODY!!

Last night on the news there was one segment on plants and how they can be so dangerous and one is called "SALVIA NEMOROSA "BLUE HILL" a perennial. Evidently Kids have found out about this plant and have been drying it and, I think smoking it. It is very dangerous just like a lot of drugs that give you a "High" and it has been known to kill. Welllllll the bottom line to this is I bought one last spring and planted it in a planter and it is out on my front porch in a pot and it is BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE MARIJUANA . You know these plants are beautiful and so very dangerous and I know that we have kids around in the neighborhood if they found out about this would be picking this plant and drying it and it would be terrible.

What a dumb, dumb I am and that would be my fault. I have all of the indications that I should have moved. Other than that ALL IS WELL.

The plant is beautiful though and doing so well. Hey don't report me to the narcotics division I am too old to go to jail. You never know what thing is going to take place from day to day. We also have a comfry plant and that is super dangerous if used as a tea. Just use it for external use. I seem to know how to pick flowers. Other than that this seems to be a typical Monday except I didn't have to work today. Love ya.

P.S. We have tried to get rid of the comfry plant and even dug it up and it just keeps coming back bigger and healthier.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well today for a new adventure, I went to my DENTIST ROGER. We arrived there at 9 am this morning. I had an ache in the pit of my stomach and I didn't sleep well last night because I hate dental work done on me and I have always hated it. Olsa took me right back and sat me in the back room where all of the gadgets are and best of all the GAS. Roger asked me if I wanted to see if he filled the front tooth if that would be enough, WELL we both knew that this wouldn't be good enough. My mouth hasn't been right since I fell on my face. I just said give me the gas and numb me and we'll talk about it. Well this wasn't an easy undertaking and I agreed that it was needed so he brought Wendall back and it was decided. Roger said that it would be approximately 3 hrs. of preparation. It was okay as long as the gas was working so we began........My big request was while he doing a major makeover on me that I wanted my eyes done and I needed some wrinkles ironed out and absolutely NO PAIN. Simple request - Huh? Well when he got the old removed we found that I really did need the job done so my next request was I want white gleaming (or is it gleeming) teeth so that when I smile my teeth will sparkle. Good request, right? Well we finally got through and all I wanted was to come home and crash.

Well for a traumatic day it wasn't so bad the only thing is I CAN'T EAT AND I LOVE TO EAT! It will only be two weeks and then that part will be done. My big story is I really look like I have been beaten up. Roger took a picture of me (A HORROR PICTURE) which when Olsa emails it I will post it. It definitely is me at my most glamorous time.

I didn't see me but Wendall really cracked up. I will have to see what tomorrow will bring there is always an adventure out there somewhere. Love ya all and keep on blogging I Love it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007



I just can't believe how fast the days go by and soon school will begin. Today I went to lunch with Patti, Penni and Nikkole. Nikkole will be a senior this year and this is really hard to believe BUT TIME DOES MARCH ON AND HERE WE ARE. Lunch at Applebees was really great. I do hope we can hear GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE - what I mean in our state and country. Reading the blogs is a really uplifting shot in the arm. I have a great family.
I can't believe it I went to answer the door and there were three great West High Football players selling coupon books for money for equipment for the football team. Our boys do need the right equipment but my question is WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO THAT THE SCHOOL BOARD COLLECTS FROM THE TAXES? Also, we seem to have quite a generous surplus BIG QUESTION.
This is a brand new day and I choose for it not be as stressful as some days are. We had choir practice last night ----- and GEEEEEEEEEZ this computer just signed me off and now I lost my train of thought Oh well maybe its global warming.

FOR HEAVENS SAKES WENDALL JUST FIGURED OUT A CONTRAPTION TO GET THE SPIDER WEBS OFF FROM THE UPPER WINDOW AND CAME IN HERE TO SHOW MEEEEEE NOW I HAVE TO REGAIN MY SOMEWHAT COMPOSURE. MAYBE I NEED TO BE IN THE SHUTTLE FLYING OUT IN OUTER SPACE. Oh yes we had choir practice last night and I wish people would remember without being reminded as we are to sing in our Stake Conference NEXT MONTH. The good thing about singing in the choir are the soft seats.


Kimberly will be 30 yrs old this year and to me that is a wonderful age to be at you still have energy and don't take that lightly. I do have to be reminded about the ages of my grandchildren.

Please keep blogging cause I really look forward to them.