Thursday, August 20, 2009

IT'S MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow what a summer this has been!! We have had so much going on that I don't want to forget all of the wonderful things that have taken place. I am really grateful for my family and their accomplishments. I do believe in miracles whether large or small and I certainly don't want to discount any of them. I am really clumsy and I really think that I have a REALLY HARD HEAD and falling has made me just a little crazy or maybe it's the rest of the world and not me.

Uncle Clark has had two hip replacements in the last 3 mos and the last one he developed a staph infection that we were told was a very aggresive one but (MIRACLE ) this can be cured by intravanious antibiotics for six weeks twice or three times a day. Cheri (Steve's daughter) fell in her bedroom while she was staying in Mesquite and had to be lifeflighted home but she is doing better than she has for years (MIRACLE).

When I fell the last time on my face I was afraid I had dislodged my left eye implant but (MIRACLE) my eye is fine and I didn't break anything (except my pride). Steven Godfrey finally after almost two years was able to bring Jane , Steve's new wife, home to their new home and she can stay and we as a family are so grateful (MIRACLE).
I do believe that it's the small things that we take forgranted so often that are what I want to be taking notice of.

Pat and Bill have had a lot changes made in their life - Bill has been put into the Bishopbric as 2nd councilor. Now I have 3 son-in-laws doing great service and if I can say I so very proud of them. (MIRACLE)

I am a very grateful mom, grandmom, and great grandmom. My mature years give me license to brag about everyone's accomplishments and especially their great faith.

Last but not least by any means I gained a wonderful new grand daughter. Michael married Anne Cropper on August 8th 2009 and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple (MIRACLE). I just want to let all of my family know that they have a wonderful heritage and to never forget the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors is a MIRACLE Thanks for letting me brag just a little bit. Love all of you so very much!!!!!!!!