Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's funny because yesterday was a really tired day for me but I am committed to go to the Records Dept. on Mondays for 4 hrs. so I got myself ready running slow of course but I picked up Connie Coates and we DID arrive on time to fulfill our assignment. This was a day of wondering if what I was doing was really making a difference. I settled down with my stack of papers to go through and to call the people that are listed on the sheets. My mind kept wondering because of the stressful week we had had and always I have a prayer in my heart for me to make the right connections. That is all that I can tell you about my calling but knew my girls were home working and cleaning up the messes that was outside and I was just torn because I felt that I needed to be home and after all I am just a VOLUNTEER my badge says so and I kept on working. I had many people just hang up on me and many didn't know the person that I was calling about and some that I contacted told me that it was JUST NONE OF MY BUSINESS. This is a usual day so I forged on and I was really batting a big fat zero on any addresses. It was around 3:30 and we were told to begin to clean up so I made one more call and it was just one sheet of paper and the woman I was looking for was born in 1948 so this would make her 60 yrs old anyway I dialed the number and this lady picked up the phone WHICH WAS A BIG SURPRISE TO ME but I asked for the people that the telephone number was listed in and I heard a gasp and then there was a dead silence for a few seconds so I identified myself and why I was calling and she asked me HOW I GOT THE NUMBER THAT I HAD JUST CALLED BECAUSE THAT NUMBER WAS AN OBSOLETE NUMBER and the people that I had asked for were her parents and they both had been dead since the 1970's and somehow I had reached the person that I was calling about, which was a different number entirely and so she kept questioning me and asking me how in the world I had got her number and I was just as puzzled as she was. I just said that the research had given me the number and that was all the information I had and our purpose was to send the persons records to the ward where they lived and she just wanted to keep on talking and wanted to know more about my calling. She said that she was going to go back to church but had moved and was so busy and you know the story of inactivity. She said to me that maybe this was the way her parents had of communicating with her and to get back to Church and of course I just couldn't deny that or confirm it but I really felt that MAYBE it had been divine intervention how else would the phone connect to her phone and we know that anything is possible with the Lord.

On my sign out sheet I had 57 calls and got 1 address but it certainly was a great feeling to know that what I was doing was really important!